Downforcer™ is a new patent pending innovation and designed to be used using Downforcetraining™ exercises.


The resistance of the board can be easily adjusted without any tools and takes only on number of seconds.

As a result, the product is suitable for people of all ages including children and youth


With Downforcer™-powerboard you will achieve fast results and one training doesn’t take longer than 15-30 minutes.


Downforcer™-powerboard basic package includes one 1-meter-long space rail. If you wish to make longer leaps with the power board, one can add an extra rail to the order to stretch the gap of jumps/ slides to 2 meters. Additional rails are available on demand.


Downforcer™-powerboard is an excellent training aid also for improving one’s shooting technique in Ice hockey. The foundation for an excellent shot is always based on the rhythm of movement. The feet will enable rhythmic and effective weight transfer and the core will support the movement.

In order to be able to produce a powerful shot one has to be able to transfer the power from the core on to the arms, hands and the stick.

The modern Ice hockey sticks have a kick point which channels the force on to the puck. The right shooting technique is the key to get the best out of the stick. The technique is totally different with the modern sticks than with the wooden sticks or the first generations fiberglass/composite sticks.

The position of the hands and wrists is also play an important role in delivering a great shot. With the Downforcer™-powerboard you can train the rhythm of the shot and balance movement and improve you shot to be faster, harder and more precise. With the Downforcer™ – powerboard you will be at the same height of the ground as you would be standing on skates and the body will be directed towards the goal. From the attached videos you can see how Kristian Kuusela (KHL Amur Habarovsk, best player in Finnish Hockey Leaque 2015-2016) is practicing his shot.




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