Downforcetraining™ is designed to activate and strengthen leg and core muscles. The training also improves the cooperation of the muscles and nerves enabling maximal downward power transfer and improving overall body control.


Downforcetraining™ exercises are to be made using Downforcer™ -Powerboard.


Downforcetraining™ is an excellent form of training for variety of sports e.g. ice hockey, speed skating, cross country skiing, soccer, floorball etc.


Downforcetraining™ strengthens the ankle, knee and hip line (we call it ‘Power line’) which is critical to production of optimal and controlled power. By doing Downforcetraining™ exercises, athletes can increase the power output and control significantly without a risk of sports injury.

Downforcetraining voimalinjaus

Power line is illustrated with the red line/s


  1. Foot forward
  2. Knee forward
  3. Hip straight under upper body
  4. Shoulders in line with ankle, knee and hip
  5. Shoulders and core pointing forward

Downforcetraining™ suitability for rehabilitation is being investigated by specialists




Enclosed videos show examples howDownforcetraining™ is done by using Downforcer™ -Powerboard. The video is being performed and guided by Tuomas Nieminen, former Olympic athlete and current professional trainer for Finnish Speed Skating National Team and Norge Skote Akademi.


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